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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy or sell coins for money (Dollars, Euros, etc.)? provides zero fee transactions for users, developers, and merchants. However, we do not deal in money.

I need my account's Private Keys. Where do I get them?

Please go to your Settings page and click "Backup Private Keys." Please note that does not have access to the raw data you will see when you retrieve your Private Keys. They are only as secure as you keep them.

The sender says your Dogecoin/Bitcoin/Litecoin address is invalid. What gives? uses MultiSig addresses that require two signatures for every withdrawal/transaction: yours, and's. This means that has no control over your coins, and cannot move your coins without your signatures. This also means that in the event that is compromised, none of your coins can be lost because of just that event. MultiSig addresses exponentially increase users' wallet security.

If a sending wallet/service says the MultiSig addresses at are invalid, this means the sending service does not support MultiSig addresses. It is very likely that the service is insecure, and outdated. We recommend you stop using that site or service immediately, and contact the developer for comment.

I forgot my Secret PIN. Can you get my coins for me, please?

When you signed up, we asked you to save your Secret Mnemonic. Do you have this?

If yes, go to Settings, enter the Secret Mnemonic (ignore the Secret PIN field), and then your new Secret PIN, confirm your new Secret PIN, and click 'Change Secret PIN.' This step will also generate a new Secret Mnemonic -- make sure to write this new Mnemonic down!

If you do not have your Secret Mnemonic, we cannot help at all. We do not maintain access to your coins -- only you can access these once you remember your Secret PIN or Secret Mnemonic. You can always confirm your coins are in their respective addresses using any third-party Blockchain Explorer, including SoChain.

What are Labels?

Labels are short, easy-to-remember words for long, complicated wallet addresses. For example, it is alot easier to remember the label "homewallet" than it is to remember the wallet address "DFi9yMNjBqq1rJwnkncXYxj72LhnyU...".

When you create an address using your Wallet, or using the get_new_address API call, we create a random wallet address for you. If you wish to label this wallet address, you can specify this an alpha-numeric string in the input field on the Create Address dialog, or pass it as a value to the label parameter in the API call.

I sent coins to a Label, where is it?

Labels are not the same as wallet addresses. If your coins do not show as pending/available on your Wallet or get_balance API call, you accidentally sent the coins to a wallet address that does not belong to you.

To be specific, never deposit/send coins to your labels. Always deposit/send coins to your Wallet addresses.

I sent coins to my wallet Address, where are they?

The wonderful thing about the Bitcoin and derivative currencies is: everything is third-party auditable by design. To track your coins down, look up the destination/source wallet address on a reliable Block Explorer, like SoChain. If the coins were indeed transacted, it will show up on those wallet addresses' histories.

When you send/withdraw coins to/from your account, it takes roughly 3 seconds or less for your incoming/outgoing balances to show on your Wallet.

I need to lookup transactions for my wallet address(es). How?

On your Wallet, select 'Actions' for any wallet address you wish to investigate, and click 'View Activity.' This link leads you to you the address' up-to-date transaction history.

Can I send coins to an e-mail address?

No. Coins only exist on their own network. For example, Dogecoins will only exist on the Dogecoin network, Bitcoins will only exist on the Bitcoin network, etc. E-mail addresses are entirely different from these coins' networks. You can only send Dogecoins to a Dogecoin address, Bitcoins to a Bitcoin address, etc.

Why does the Network Fee vary?

Network Fees for a Dogecoin transaction are paid to miners on the Dogecoin network, for a Bitcoin transaction, Network Fees are paid to miners on the Bitcoin network, etc. These Network Fees depend on the size of your transaction in bytes. Since this transaction size is highly variable, the Network Fees vary as well.

On average, our users must pay Network Fees equal to 3 DOGE for a Dogecoin transaction, 0.00015 BTC for a Bitcoin transaction, and 0.001 LTC for a Litecoin transaction.

You said 0% Fees, but I have to pay Network Fees?

Unlike other wallet services, does not charge you any fees, at all. Network Fees, however, are part of the Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin network design. Without Network Fees, our beloved digital currencies cannot function properly.

We keep your Network Fees as low as possible for your transactions, while ensuring your transactions get network validation as quickly as possible.

I can't find a library for C#, Script, Go, etc. What do I do?

You should contact us at and let us know which language you need the library for, and we will be happy to make one for you. Alternatively, you can implement your own using the URLs and parameters provided in our API docs.

I found a bug, what do I do?

Awesome! We love fixing bugs. Contact us, and maybe you'll get a fat reward for it. ;)